Chiropractic Support for Reproductive Health? Yes!

ID-10083065It’s always exciting when a woman dealing with fertility challenges and wanting to conceive, comes in and announces that she is pregnant! Chiropractic care has helped many women establish more regular menstrual cycles, but there is also tremendous success with all reproductive health challenges in both men and women.  Menstrual irregularity, fertility issues, PMS,  menopause, and impotence have shown improvement and resolved with chiropractic care. We’ve seen many people find support and relief!

What’s the connection? 

Spinal misalignments called vertebral subluxations cause muscle imbalances, joint irritation, inflammation, and early degeneration.  Spinal subluxations alter the healthy mechanical and neurological functions in the body. Subluxations weaken all organ systems, leading to sickness, pain,  and a lesser quality of life. Doctors of Chiropractic correct spinal subluxations to restore proper motion and function within the body.

Subluxations in the lumbar spine and hips and can lead to dysfunction of the internal organs in the lower abdomen, particularly the bladder, bowels, ovaries, uterus, and prostate gland. Spinal adjustments restore proper lumbar joint function and restore neurological harmony to the associated organs.  Many people find relief when they support their body with Chiropractic, and when combined with other lifestyle changes they find long term improvements in how they feel and function.

Every part of your body works better with a spine that is moving properly. Instead of relying on medications (with side effects!) help your body heal from the inside-out. Consider Chiropractic first!

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